Types of Countertops
Myrtle Beach SC homeowners have more options than ever before with kitchen, bathroom, vanity, and utility countertops available in a variety of materials ranging from natural stone and wood to laminate and manmade surfaces. Among the broad countertop categories are:

Tile countertops – Ceramic tile countertops are an affordable choice for entry-level home remodeling projects. Tile is beautiful with many possibilities ranging from subway tiles and slate to mosaics.
Granite and marble countertops – Myrtle Beach SC residents have gone crazy for granite! Granite countertops are big sellers for good reason: they are gorgeous, durable, and low maintenance. Marble countertops are less popular due to marble’s higher cost and tendency to stain.

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Manmade stone countertops – An alternative to granite, and sometimes more expensive, is engineered stone. These countertops have a similar appearance to granite as well as many of the same benefits such as ease of cleaning and heat resistance. Color uniformity tends to be better with engineered stone as well as its resistance to scratches.
Concrete countertops – In the right Myrtle Beach SC house, concrete countertops are a knockout! These countertops are striking in modern, industrial style homes. Advantages include the ability to form the countertops in virtually any shape, new crack-resistant finishes, and an unlimited palette of color options.

Wood countertops – Wood and butcher block countertops are rising stars in the kitchen. Though wood countertops require a bit more maintenance than other materials, if you love the look, sealants and regular maintenance are a small price to pay. Choose from hard or soft woods or even pick the ecologically friendly wood: bamboo.
Laminate countertops – The laminate countertops popular today are not the same as those of your grandparents’ generation. Modern laminate countertops are stunning – and affordable. The durability of laminate counters has improved as well.
Stainless steel countertops – Want to make a big impact in your contemporary kitchen? Consider stainless steel countertops. This style isn’t right for all kitchens, but when properly designed and incorporated into an industrial or ultramodern home, stainless steel countertops are impressive indeed.

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We specialize in countertops and serve Myrtle Beach SC residents with a full range of options. Our designers work closely with you to ensure that all of your countertop needs are considered. We also take your Myrtle Beach SC home’s characteristics into account when designing countertops. For example, if your home is a country charmer, we’ll strongly discourage an ultramodern countertop material such as stainless steel. Count on our experienced designers and craftsmen to make your countertop dreams come true.

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